We Love Cloud Accounting

Why Use Cloud Accounting?

  • The internet gives you access to your financial records anywhere, anytime
  • Never worry about backups again, as this is all taken care of
  • Photograph your receipts using a smartphone app and avoid tedious data entry
  • Bank transactions are streamed into the software daily meaning you always have current data
  • Become paperless and more efficient in the way you work

See It In Action

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Save Time, Money and Stress, Guaranteed

Our clients now complete their book keeping in 20% of the time that they used to. We have calculated that the majority of these clients now free up over 5 weeks per year!Learn More
We have four pricing packages that include everything – software licenses, end of year work, mid year management accounts. So you always remain in control of your spending.Learn More
There are strict penalties for failing to keep accurate records. Our system reduces your stress as you know that you are 100% up to date at all times throughout the year.Learn More

Four Simple Packages. Four Straightforward Prices

Apprentice - Cloud Accounting


Businesses on a tighter budget

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Executive - Cloud Accounting


Businesses Needing Just The Essentials

Learn More
Entrepreneur - Cloud Accounting


Businesses seeking fast growth

Learn More
Tycoon - Cloud Accounting


Businesses wanting maximum success

Learn More

What’s Included?

Xero call themselves “Beautiful Accounting Software” and we have to agree with them. Built exclusively for the cloud, this software is perfect for managing all sizes of businesses. And the best part is that we can access your accounts all year around, so we can be truly proactive in the tax planning advice that we give you.Learn More
This amazing piece of software integrates seamlessly with Xero and allows you to capture all your receipts and purchases electronically. Imagine never having to enter and expense into your accounting program again! Just use the provided smartphone app to capture your receipts and watch as it’s magically pushed through to Xero.Learn More
This is the stuff that all accountants do – basically it keeps you on the correct side of the law. It includes things such as payroll, VAT, accounts, tax returns etc. It’s important, but does it really add value to your business? We don’t think so, which is why we automatically include all this work for free in all our packages so that you never get a surprise bill at the end of your financial year.Learn More
Waiting until the end of the year to produce your accounts is far too late in our opinion. After all, to be truly proactive shouldn’t we be producing your accounts BEFORE your year end? That way we can advise you on how things are going and help you avoid giving all your hard earned profits to the taxman. All our packages from Executive upwards include management reporting as standard.Learn More
Most businesses run into problems because of poor cash flow – even if they are showing a healthy profit and loss sheet. Cashflow forecasts help you to make better business decisions: can you afford to move premises? take on new staff? purchase new equipment? What if that big contract pays you late? Cashflow is so important that we include an amazing cashflow program to clients on Entrepreneur and above.Learn More
Our flagship Tycoon package is like having a Chief Financial Officer working within your company – at a fraction of the cost. Each month, your dedicated account manager will produce an Insights report which is specifically tailored to the KPI’s that matter to you, and they will then work along with you to hep you achieve the targets that have been set. This package is limited to just 10 clients per account manager.Learn More
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What Are People Saying About Us?

We’ve finally found an accountant that speaks our language, and is delivering exactly what we have been asking for! Everything is now clear and we have no more sleepless nights as Abacus take care of everything. Very highly recommended!
The team at Abacus have been most helpful over the years. After starting out on my own, they’ve given me good advice and taken care of everything I’ve needed them to do leaving me to relax and concentrate on my own work. Absolutely amazing!
Ian Oliver, Ian Oliver Limited
Abacus have acted for my companies for the last few years and I have always found them to be responsive, helpful and extremely professional. I have received not only an excellent service but also helpful advice resulting in massive tax savings.
Derek Cornelius, Noa Noa Limited