We have some great news!.


On 01 May 2019, two of the areas leading accountancy firms joined forces to help provide an even more efficient and cost effective accountancy solution.


Abacus Logo

Abacus Accountancy has many years experience in providing outstanding services to clients, and has won numerous awards for innovation and environmental awareness. The founder, Paul Pritchard, has worked tirelessly to build an accountancy practice that stands head and shoulders above the competition.


He is particularly passionate about helping his clients to work smarter, and not harder by utilising simple to use cloud book keeping automation.

Falcon Logo

Falcon Accountants have long been known to provide an excellent service to their clients. The founder, Trish Smith, has now taken a well earned semi-retirement but is still on hand to assist clients – some of which she has worked with for over 35 years!


Like Paul, she has always focussed on providing outstanding customer service to her clients, at a very cost effective price.


This merger of two of the most prestigious accounting firms in Essex can only mean good things for our clients. All the staff and offices remain exactly the same, but between the two businesses we are now able to offer a whole array of services that previously were not possible.


Want to find out more about how this business merger will benefit you? Click on the link below to book a phone call with Paul, our new director.