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At Abacus Accountancy, we specialise in reducing our clients’ tax bills.


We are of course here to help you understand your tax implications and make sure that your returns are always filed on time. But our tax service goes well beyond simply crunching the numbers. We take a flexible, personalised approach towards tax planning, and we are always here to provide ongoing advice and support as your business grows and your investments flourish.

Annual tax returns


Putting together your corporation tax return can feel daunting, and we’re pretty sure you’ve got better things to do with your time.


So why not outsource this important task to a firm that can manage every aspect of the process on your behalf?


We’ll make sure that all annual tax returns are processed and filed quickly to ensure you meet all of the necessary obligations and know exactly what you need to pay (and when).


Personal tax returns


Part of our job is to make sure that you only pay as much personal tax as you need to.


When we’re preparing your Self Assessment tax return, we’ll typically look at your income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax liabilities to work out exactly how much you owe HMRC. Having us on hand to calculate and manage your personal tax return could save you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds every year.


Tax planning services


Our tax planning services are designed to help you minimise tax on your income or assets.


Unlike other accountancy firms, we won’t just review your tax affairs every year. Our tax accountants in Essex will keep a close eye on your finances on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re making the most of your money and working to an efficient tax reduction strategy.