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Do you know how much profit you make on a monthly or yearly basis?


Do you know which areas of your business are bringing in the most money?


Do you know how much your business is worth?


If you’ve answered ‘no’ to one or more of these questions, it could be time to consider investing in our management accountancy services.


Looking at your company’s financial situation to date, our accountants will provide you with sound advice to help you significantly improve your profits and grow your business quickly and sustainably.

What is a business management accountant?


The role of a business management accountant is to not only record and report on your company’s finances, but use them to generate an accurate snapshot of your fiscal performance. He or she will then use this information to identify the areas within your business that need improvement, and put together accurate forecasts that will help you manage your money and your team more effectively in the longer term.


As you can imagine, this service works best if your management accountant is already managing other aspects of your finances, such as your tax returns and your payroll process.


Is it time to delve a little deeper into your finances?


Having a dedicated business management accountant at your disposal is a must if you’ve got ambitious plans for your organisation. We think it’s particularly important to call upon the specialist skillset of a management accountant if you don’t have accounting capabilities in-house; attending regular meetings with your consultant will bring a fresh perspective to your finances and help you overcome the challenges that you will undoubtedly face as you navigate the growth of your firm.


The team here at Abacus Accountancy are passionate about helping growing companies reach their full potential. For more information on our management accountancy services in Essex, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to hear all about your plans!