benefits of cloud accounting

Benefits Of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting systems are slowly but surely becoming the preferred method of choice in many areas of business. There is an array of advantages around using cloud accounting systems; here we explore some of these so that you are prepared for your next step into ‘The Cloud’…

  • Cost efficient – No server costs or package upgrade costs, once you’re on that’s it!
  • Some cloud-based systems, such as Xero, offer pay as you go payment plans. This way costs can be split up, meaning you are only paying for the package you use, not the server and IT costs as well.
  • Available anywhere- Wherever there is an internet connection you are able to connect to cloud-based software, whether it is on your smartphone, tablet or computer (‘there’s an app for that’)! This also means you can access your software wherever you are in the world, no matter of time differences or location.
  • Allows you to easily share and modify documents and files with others.
  • Recovering data is easy, as everything is backed up into the cloud. So in case of system failure on your computer, the data is all saved and backed up in the cloud so there are no worries about lost records or documents.
  • Using the cloud is more environmentally friendly. Using fewer resources means consuming less power – and we all want to be eco-friendly where we can.
  • A cloud-based system can be easily set up with instant access given, meaning there is no waiting period or delay – you can start using the system straight away to benefit your company.
  • Allows you to have almost unlimited storage so you can store a lot more data than you could on your computer server. Therefore you don’t have to upgrade your computer hardware system when you need more space – saving you money!
  • Cloud-based storage systems are very secure and in fact, often more secure than storing locally on servers; ensure that no unauthorised users can gain access to your information by encrypting data.

Using our cloud-based book-keeping software system Xero, means you get all the benefits of the user friendly software and as certified Xero partners Abacus can also supply additional support and assistance.

We have access to the full suite of reporting tools within Xero to help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably – if this sounds of interest to you, get in touch today and arrange to pop in for a coffee and a demonstration.

*** UPDATE!!!***

We are giving away cloud accounting software for three whole months for free so that you can see for yourself how beneficial it it in your business. Click here to request your free trial.