Here at Abacus Accountancy we are HUGE fans of Xero, the cloud based accountancy package. If you are holding back from taking the step into the cloud we are more than happy to discuss and hopefully allay any fears you may have. If we can be one over by the benefits then we know you will – we might be accountants but it doesn’t mean we have to be “old skool”.

If you currently use an offline system, then here is why you should consider Xero:

Accounting rules and regulations change, and with offline systems you need to really keep them up to date each year to ensure you are actually working smart with your system. The offline systems are generally held on one computer in the office, meaning that usually only one person has access to the accounting system. With an online system you can get someone else to update the transaction (eg a bookkeeper) who doesn’t actually even need to come to your office to update the data. Many of the old offline systems were written from an accountants point of view, not the business owner point of view whereas Xero has been designed with the business owner in mind, the reports are clear and reconciliation systems easy to manage.

If you currently don’t have a formal bookkeeping system, then Xero is ideal for you:

It will lower your overall accounting costs, it will help you keep track of how your business is doing and this is really important if you want to take you business to the next level and grow – with Xero you will always know how much you should be putting aside for your tax and not get too nasty a shock when you are told how much you have to pay.

There you go, that should remove the fear of the cloud. As Xero Certified Advisors we are happy to help you get organised and each of our monthly packages include a Xero subscription, so get in touch and we can get started.


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