We understand that time is of complete value to you. As a salon owner, there is never enough time in the day to fit in that last set of nails or able to squeeze in one last haircut. Sometimes you can get completely stressed when trying to fit a million and one things into one day. Well slow down, breathe, and take a moment to read over our tips on how to manage your time better!


  • Take about 30 minutes every day to plan your day or go over what you already have planned or need to do. Do not start your day until you are sure what you are doing and when. This will help you get a clear mind set when starting the day and you will know what order in which to complete your tasks.
  • Carry a diary with you. This can help you record all of your conversations and activities for the week. This can help you understand more of how much you can actually complete during the course of a day and where exactly your time is being spent. You can monitor how much of your time is actually spent producing results or how much is wasted.
  • When you absolutely have to get work done in your office or at our desk, put up a ‘Do not disturb sign’ or tell other colleagues that you are unable to answer any phone calls or take any other appointments that day, as you have other bits to get on with. Even if you do this for an hour or two a week, if you set the time aside make sure you get as much as you can done without being disturbed. You will then be able to focus your other time on trying out new products or spending more time with a client pampering them.
  • Block out distractions. If you have got to do a stock check or you need to work on a new promotion for that month, then block out the likes of Facebook and other social media, and turn off your phone. This will help you focus and also the job is more than likely to get done quicker- again leaving you with more spare time.
  • Plan to spend at least half of your time engaged in activities that you know work. If certain activities or promotions such as money off, etc. bring in more of your clients, then spend time on this rather than things you have tried before and do not work. Chances are, it won’t work again.
  • Keep to your appointment book and do not over load yourself. You should have a decent amount of time assigned to each client. Appointments can get longer and longer in a day to a point where they are completely unworkable. Do not let this happen, because this is an easy way to mean you will be working over a 12 hour day. You will be tired and your work won’t be up to the standard your clients are used to. Schedule a certain amount of clients each day that you can handle, or perhaps delegate and offer the services of someone else in the salon.

Always remember- it is impossible to get everything done. Other things always crop up and make it hard to keep to your schedule. Be disciplined and try not to stress out, because nine times out of ten this only means things will take longer.

Want to learn more about how we can save you time, money and stress? Give us a call today and we’d be happy to help.