The ever time-saving app has released a new array of updated features, and if you’re anything like us here at Abacus, you love a good update! So here we’ll give a rundown of all the latest additions for you to feast your eyes on…

Editing From The Inside Out

It’s now possible to edit your item categories straight from the inbox! This allows you to edit quickly items that do not yet have a supplier rule. Simply select the new category and the item is ready for publish or download.

You can also edit multiple things in the category field from the inbox if you have several  items you would like to alter at once. You only need to select the items you want and choose bulk edit from the dropdown tools bar, and within seconds you have multiple items edited in a fraction of the time.

Image Viewing

You can now see fully loaded images from your inbox without having to click anywhere! Simply tap on the receipt icon under the Image column for the correct item. This gives you a time saving and simple way to check items before publication.

Client Hopping

Accountant users (yes, that’s us!) can now move from one client’s account to another without having to navigate off the page. Simply click on the client dropdown option in the left corner and search for the next client you wish to work on.

Payment Method Changes

Whilst editing your items, you can now add and name a new payment method. This way you won’t have to visit the account settings as often, saving you valuable time- a subtle change, but no less efficient!

If you would like more information on ways to help save you time and money, or perhaps even a free demo of these updated features and how we work with them, call on 01376343535 and see how we could make a difference!