Who doesn’t want to make more money, right? Does making more money and working less interest you? If you want 2015 to be a stellar year in your small business, you need to start off strong: evaluate your team, your customers, and your pricing to make sure you are in the position for business growth. Then, make sure that you take the time to think through your goals for your small business. Set a few and make sure you tell your advisors and team what they are, so everyone can have the same vision. Here are 5 ways to make more money in your small business in 2015:

  • Confidence is key: In order to make more money in your small business, you must believe that you can. Your confidence is everything. You must also be careful not to have a negative mindset;  no matter how badly you need the money, you must never act like it. If you focus on what you haven’t got, that is exactly what you will continue to have- so have confidence in yourself and your business, and you will achieve results!
  • Plan strategically ahead: There’s an old saying that you should walk your dog, your dog should not be walking you – and in business it’s same thing. If you are constantly in reactionary mode in your business, you’re working on someone else’s agenda and not your own strategic plan.  Don’t just run around each day exhausting yourself, develop a strategic plan for 2015, and make sure you include a target client list. You must arrange success, it won’t do it on its own!
  • Helping hands: Your business can only grow as far as your hand can reach. You will need to get some help- as entrepreneurs, we tend to think that no one can do it like we can, but you would be surprised that someone you hire might do it even better. Don’t waste your time doing work that someone else could do- Focus your efforts on getting more business instead.  Do not mistake “busy-ness” for a growing business.
  • Building skills: Invest in training courses and webinars to build your business skills. You can develop your social media marketing, budgeting, negotiation, sales and leadership skills. You should set aside budget to attend at least one skill-based event in 2015, or consider hiring someone to help you take your business to the next level.
  • Pro networking: Dust off your conversation cards and manage your time to attend at least two networking events per month. Check out what types of events local small businesses or associations might be hosting. If you are shy, take a friend or colleague, but split-up when you get to the event and go and meet new contacts- don’t forget to follow all business cards up for possible lead generation!