Online Business via social media

Social media is the way forward. in the last few years I have seen businesses using social media to promote their business or people working online through social media by doing social retailing.

What is social retailing?

Social Retailing is sweeping across the world, it combines the Internet’s two most popular activities – social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and more) and online shopping (e.g. eBay etc). Social Retailing involves the sale of products through an online store allowing Social Retailers to earn money any time night or day.

As a Social Retailer you simply post pictures, descriptions and prices of products from your online shop to social media platforms through your profile and groups. You make money every time someone places an order. The business I’m associated with even includes 100% of your ongoing support and training.

There is no need for your own products, stock or staff

With the system I use, you have access to over 2,000 products to promote online with your own online shop complete with thousands of popular, great value household products. The product line could include beauty, fashion, home living gifts, jewellery and even high street brands.

You don’t need to worry about stock, billing or staff as a support  service centre deals with everything for you. The  great thing about this is you don’t need any qualifications or experience – if you use social media you’re already qualified.

The system I use have an award winning 10 step system, and this provides you with all of the tools and training necessary to retail products online and earn money 24 hours per day whilst working at home.

To be eligible for the social retailing platform that I use, you just need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have internet access (via a phone, tablet or computer)
  • Be a user of Facebook, Twitter or Google +
  • Be over 18 years of age and based in UK or Ireland

You pick when you want to work, at a time to suit you.

You get to work flexible hours – mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends. Whenever suits you.
This mean that social retailing can be worked alongside your current job or while your children are at school. Perhaps it suits you better to work in the evening or late at night?  Or maybe you prefer to work more traditional hours like 9-5 weekdays or change your working pattern every day. The working hours are entirely up to you.

There are many successful stories about how online businesses are changing people’s lives for the better. Many individuals working social retailing are earning £200 to £600 per month extra with flexible hours that can be  fitted around current commitments such as a full-time job, children or studies.

An added benefit of social retailing

There is another side to the online business – the team building side where you help other people earn money by just teaching them what you’re doing. You still get all the help and support you need, so you are never on your own, and you can do this on a part time basis to fit around your existing commitments.

People are starting to build big teams very fast now due to social media, often doing this within just three months. To explain the benefits of this, imagine you became ill or broke your leg in a normal job. You may not be able  to work, and although you may get some sick pay you will still have to answer to your boss and your job could potentially be at risk.

But by building a team you’re still going to get paid every month – even  if you can’t work yourself!

This is the great thing about this type of business – it allows you to develop a good residual income putting you in control of creating your own future, dreams and goals.

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A guest blog by Simon Lowe