How to Pay yourself from your Small Business….

....“How much should I pay myself?” Is probably the question we get asked most often by small business owners and start-ups. Our friends over at have put together a really good guide and we are sharing it with you here. If you’re a new business owner, don’t make the common mistake of confusing revenue [...]

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Xero can make you a Hero

Here at Abacus Accountancy we are HUGE fans of Xero, the cloud based accountancy package. If you are holding back from taking the step into the cloud we are more than happy to discuss and hopefully allay any fears you may have. If we can be one over by the benefits then we know you [...]

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Doing your own bookkeeping? Beware of these mistakes…..

You may have been in business for years or you could be a young start-up finding your feet, either way, if you are spending time carrying out your own bookkeeping, make sure you are not falling foul of any of these errors……   Combining personal and business bank accounts Don’t get too caught up in [...]

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No more tax returns? Welcome to Digital Tax.

We are seeing the biggest shake-up on Self-Assessment for years, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wants its relationships with taxpayers to have become almost exclusively digital, and digital tax accounts represent a significant step towards this goal. Under the new system, an organisation’s or an individual’s digital tax accounts will be accessible by them at [...]

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Is it time for a Price Rise?

When did you last implement a price rise for your service or product? Very often small business owners fear they'll lose customers if they raise their prices, so prices remain the same year after year, while the cost of doing business and the cost of living goes up. Make sure that you don't fall into [...]

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It’s time to choose Abacus Accountancy

Why? Because at Abacus Accountancy we're not your average accountants. Think of us as your Virtual FD, on hand to discuss all areas of your business and advise on financial issues. We make it our business to know yours, our goal is to understand and get to know the ins and outs of your business, we [...]

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Time to say Good Bye…..

..... to your ACCOUNTANT!!!! Your accountant, should be a valued advisor, not just someone who bills you once a year and sends you a copy of your accounts. The right accountant should be a key component in the growth and success of your business. Unfortunately many businesses don’t think about their accountant in this way, [...]

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5 Reasons to Move on From Excel

Excel is a great tool for business, however, it’s not always the best choice for business bookkeeping. Courtesy of Savvy Bookkeeping, here are 5 reasons that it might be time to move on from Excel: 1. Doubling-up of transactions In Excel you don’t get a warning if you try to enter the same bill number [...]

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Auto Enrolment – are you ready?

Auto Enrolment is the biggest change to workplace pensions for generations, it's difficult to ignore but many employers are!!!! leaving themselves open to unnecessary fines and penalties - don't be one of them. We've put together some info here to give you an understanding of the process and your responsibilities as an employer. Getting your [...]

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Beating procrastination in your small business

Getting motivated after a holiday weekend can be difficult and a perfect excuse to "procrastinate"!!!! Our partners at have some good advice on how to get your enthusiasm back....... What is procrastination? All of us have felt it at one time or another – the desire to put things off. Maybe your "to do" [...]

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