Measure your plans against our “Start-Up Checklist”

Is this the year you are going to take control of your destiny and be your own boss? Then you need the Abacus Accountancy "Start-Up Checklist". Make sure you tick all these boxes before you cut your ties to a regular salary and stability – you may not meet them again for a while 🙂 Start-up [...]

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£300 of TAX FREE wine and gifts for Christmas!

Here’s the deal: If you own a company, or employ staff you can give gifts of up to £50 per employee totally tax free under HMRC’s Trivial Benefits Exemptions! If you are a director of the company, you count as an employee and therefore you can award yourself a gift! This can be practically anything [...]

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Cycle to work, it’s tax free!!!

Not that long ago a tiny number of people would cycle to work in Britain. Cycling is now seen as eco-friendly, cool, healthy, cheap and practical, while bikes and those who ride them have become the epitome of style, every bearded hipster needs a bicycle :) Whether or not you are a cyclist yourself, chances [...]

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Do you plan to “Go it Alone”?

Do you plan to start-up your own business, take control of your destiny and be your own boss? Do you know what you want to do, but want to keep the safety net of your full time job till you are ready to go it alone? Make sure you tick all these boxes before you [...]

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It’s the weekend, top up your fuel tank.

The weekend is here and successful business owners know that good habits don’t start on Monday, end on Friday. They expect to work longer hours than anyone else, but they also know that they have to fuel that success. Why not use the weekend to top up your fuel tank and ensure you can make [...]

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Spring Forward

Spring is thought of as a time of renewal, winter is over, we feel energized and ready to reinvent ourselves and start that business we've always talked of. We can of course do this at any time of the year, but it just feels better when the sun is shining, the bulbs are blooming and [...]

Small Business – Are you ready to Start-Up?

When you start-up a small business you will be bombarded with advice on how to be the best, make the most, kill the competition – not all of it is true and at best can present a skewed version of the facts. To help sift through the myths, we’ve detailed our top 10 to help [...]

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Are you ready to take the plunge?

There are a lot of people, who while plodding through the daily 9 to 5, dream of running their own businesses. They have a hobby, a skill or a passion that they think they could turn into a source of income, but are they brave enough to take the plunge? Other people just want the [...]

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Do I need an “office”?

More and more people are choosing to work from home and run a "virtual business", but this often raises some questions. Do I really need an office to run my business? How can I manage my business effectively without an office? There are four main perceived “benefits” of having an office. You need to make [...]

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Make More Money By Working Less

Who doesn’t want to make more money, right? Does making more money and working less interest you? If you want 2015 to be a stellar year in your small business, you need to start off strong: evaluate your team, your customers, and your pricing to make sure you are in the position for business growth. [...]

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