Choosing your Business Entity.

So you’ve decided to take that business idea floating about in your head, and turn it into a reality; you’ve got a name, now you just need an Entity- but which is right? You should assess the types based on your available time, commitment and resources, and consider long-term goals for your business. Although you [...]

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Is it time for a Price Rise?

When did you last implement a price rise for your service or product? Very often small business owners fear they'll lose customers if they raise their prices, so prices remain the same year after year, while the cost of doing business and the cost of living goes up. Make sure that you don't fall into [...]

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Debt – you can recover from it.

It can’t be denied that falling into the hands of debt has a crippling effect on your finances and your confidence, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your entrepreneurial endeavours. In fact your knowledge of how your finances can easily go haywire could be seen as the perfect basis from which to [...]

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Abacus Accountancy will take care of your numbers

When you work for yourself or run a small business, every penny is important and keeping on top of where they are all coming from or going to is a job in itself. Give yourself a break and pass on all these jobs to us, you didn’t start-up your business to be a number cruncher, [...]

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Small Business – Impact of Brexit Vote

Small Business and the Impact of the Brexit Vote - "Opportunity or disaster?" Is what many business owners are asking themselves. At this point in the process it's difficult for most small business owners and start-ups to assess what impact the Brexit vote will have on them, even more difficult to project whether it is [...]

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Beating procrastination in your small business

Getting motivated after a holiday weekend can be difficult and a perfect excuse to "procrastinate"!!!! Our partners at have some good advice on how to get your enthusiasm back....... What is procrastination? All of us have felt it at one time or another – the desire to put things off. Maybe your "to do" [...]

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How to Network like a Ninja

As a business owner you knew you have to network, but it doesn’t come naturally to you. You’d much rather be sat at your desk than standing in a conference hall with sweaty palms and a name tag that refuses to stay the right way round, so to get you over that hurdle, we've put [...]

Cycle to work, it’s tax free!!!

Not that long ago a tiny number of people would cycle to work in Britain. Cycling is now seen as eco-friendly, cool, healthy, cheap and practical, while bikes and those who ride them have become the epitome of style, every bearded hipster needs a bicycle :) Whether or not you are a cyclist yourself, chances [...]

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The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants

We are incredibly proud as a practice to have been selected to be featured in The World's Most Inspiring Accountants by Steve Pipe. Steve and his team researched and interviewed over a hundred thousand accountancy practices from across the world, but after a rigorous 18 month process only 57 of them from 10 countries made [...]

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It’s the weekend, top up your fuel tank.

The weekend is here and successful business owners know that good habits don’t start on Monday, end on Friday. They expect to work longer hours than anyone else, but they also know that they have to fuel that success. Why not use the weekend to top up your fuel tank and ensure you can make [...]

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