How To Pick The Perfect Business Name – Don’t Over Think It

What is the most difficult element of starting your business? Coming up with the concept, writing a business plan, raising funding? No!!! it’s how to pick the perfect business name. Get it right and people will instantly remember you, get it wrong and you can give yourself a bit of a headache. The main factors [...]

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Choosing your Business Entity.

So you’ve decided to take that business idea floating about in your head, and turn it into a reality; you’ve got a name, now you just need an Entity- but which is right? You should assess the types based on your available time, commitment and resources, and consider long-term goals for your business. Although you [...]

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Business Expenses – Workwear

Working out what you can and can't claim as a business expense can seem like a bit of a minefield. Here Paul explains a little about workwear and corporate clothing: If you have any questions relating to business expenses, please do get in touch - 01376 34 35 35 or e-mail we are more than [...]

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How Branding Will Help You Become A Better Leader

How you can become a better leader and increase your team’s performance with a compelling, authentic brand strategy. Business owners: have you ever faced a decline in sales or stagnating profits, and wondered what to do to fix it? Have you realised that you have an uninspired team going about their work in a lacklustre [...]

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