How you can become a better leader and increase your team’s performance with a compelling, authentic brand strategy.

Business owners: have you ever faced a decline in sales or stagnating profits, and wondered what to do to fix it? Have you realised that you have an uninspired team going about their work in a lacklustre way, without any pride, passion or commitment to your brand, and wondered what you can do, as a leader, to turn that around?

Often the problem stems from the fact that your team don’t really understand what the brand is about – what it stands for and where it’s meant to be going. That may be because you haven’t articulated those things to their teams very clearly, or worse, because in actual fact, you’re not 100% clear on what those crucial strategic insights are, either.

Great brands don’t happen by accident. They’re built on the vision and passion of the business owner. Businesses are started because someone has been brave enough to set up on their own, creating a business they believe in. But often the power of that vision, passion and courage gets lost, forgotten over time, as businesses grow and change.

Great leadership comes from enthusiasm, passion and drive, and without those things, it’s impossible to fire up your team to truly ‘get’ what your brand stands for, how it makes the world a better place and why it’s special.

That’s what a genuinely insightful brand strategy is for. It captures both where you want your brand to be in five years time and who your competitors are, and puts you back in touch with what your brand is really about  – the clarity of vision, the passion and enthusiasm that catalysed the business into existence.

Once you, the leader, have a clear brand strategy based on what is special and purposeful about your brand, you have an almost magical level of confidence and enthusiasm that enables you to inspire your team with the same vision.

Then you can clearly communicate what your business is about and where you want it to go in a way that brings your team along with you, and gives them a spark of passion and commitment towards the brand that will fire up their enthusiasm for their work. Tell your team how critical their roles are to the success of your brand, give them a sense of responsibility for making the brand vision a reality, and you will find yourself with a workforce that is inspired, dedicated and proud to be part of something with purpose – something that is so much more than just a ‘day job’.

No amount of sales targets and incentives can match the power of the drive from within that comes when your team are energised and invigorated about being part of a great brand, and making a brand you all love and believe in, even greater.

So dig down to the vision, the values, the passion and the uniqueness of your brand that inspired you in the first place, and you can create a brand strategy that inspires your team, energises and enthuses them, putting their performance – and your sales – through the roof.

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A guest blog by Susi Jacobs