Freelancers and the Gig Economy

Are you a Freelancer making your way in the Gig Economy? Living off your creativity brings with it a huge amount of satisfaction and the feeling of being independent, your own boss. But there are certain things that can burst that bubble, one of which is sorting out your accounts and (sorry we've got to [...]

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Do you need a Business MOT?

We’re just over half  way through the financial year, so maybe it’s time for a “Business MOT”. You make sure your car is fit to get you through the year, so why not do the same with your company? Here are the main areas that should be reviewed to make sure you are hitting your [...]

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Doing your own bookkeeping? Beware of these mistakes…..

You may have been in business for years or you could be a young start-up finding your feet, either way, if you are spending time carrying out your own bookkeeping, make sure you are not falling foul of any of these errors……   Combining personal and business bank accounts Don’t get too caught up in [...]

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No more tax returns? Welcome to Digital Tax.

We are seeing the biggest shake-up on Self-Assessment for years, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) wants its relationships with taxpayers to have become almost exclusively digital, and digital tax accounts represent a significant step towards this goal. Under the new system, an organisation’s or an individual’s digital tax accounts will be accessible by them at [...]

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Termination Payments, the Rules are Changing….

From April 2018, the treatment of termination payments made by employers will be changing, employer's, but not employee's NI will be charged on all termination payments that exceed £30,000. As an additional cost to employers, this will potentially make redundancies much more expensive. HMRC are also planning on consulting on wider changes to the tax and [...]

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