Are Taxes, Taxing you?

When you start your business you are aware that the good people at HMRC are very keen to know how things are going and how many of your hard earned pennies they are entitled to. So it is essential that as a business owner and employer that you are well versed on which tax is [...]

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Auto Enrolment – Are You Too Late?

With the staging dates for many employers having been scheduled this year, many companies are now in a position where Auto Enrolment is costing the money by way of fines and penalties, before they have even paid a penny towards an employees pension pot!!!! A recent study by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) states [...]

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Does your PPI Piggy owe HMRC some Pennies?

We've all had the cold calls, e-mail, texts and even switching on the radio brings the same message "Have you been mis-sold PPI?" Many people have answered "Yes" and instructed these agents to pursue their claim for them. If it is found in your favour, you will be issued a compensation payment minus the agents [...]

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VAT Registration – Yes or No?

Your business should register for VAT if your “taxable supplies” over the past 12 months has exceeded the VAT registration threshold. From April 2016, the VAT registration threshold is £83,000 (previously it was £82,000). If at the end of any given month, the total value of all your taxable supplies over the previous 12 months [...]

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Digital Tax – How will it Work?

Digital Tax is here. How you report your earning and how you pay your tax is all about to change. The Governments aim is for HMRC to be interacting digitally with all taxpayers by 2020. Here are the main changes: - Businesses and individual taxpayers will be able to register, file, pay and update their information at [...]

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