HMRC Marriage Allowance – for RICHER, for poorer….

....getting married, it's a good excuse for a party, you get to eat cake, drink fizz and tie the know with the love of your life. But did you know that after the wedding you could actually be better off!!! The Marriage Allowance was introduced by HMRC in April 2015 and could save you £220 [...]

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HMRC and the Mystery of the Missing Milk

"Tax inspection", two words guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of any small business owner. A small number of these investigations are triggered at random, to enable HMRC to check that they are targeting their inspections properly and also so that nobody feels safe, the majority however, happen when HMRC believe they have [...]

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Don’t lose out on Tax Relief

UK freelancers and micro-businesses are missing out on millions of pounds worth of tax relief from unclaimed expenses they deem too small or time consuming to put in their accounts, research finds. Nearly £250 million worth expenses with individual values of £10 or less are being unclaimed by UK micro-business owners every year, according to [...]

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Let us deal with the numbers

When you work for yourself or run a small business, every penny is important and keeping on top of where they are all coming from or going to is a job in itself. Give yourself a break and pass on all these jobs to us, you didn’t start-up your business to be a number cruncher, [...]

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How to Start a Business

When you start a business you must choose a structure for that business. The structure will define your legal responsibilities, like: The paperwork you must fill in to get started The taxes you’ll have to manage and pay How you can personally take the profit your business makes Your personal responsibilities if your business makes [...]

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Debt – you can recover from it.

It can’t be denied that falling into the hands of debt has a crippling effect on your finances and your confidence, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your entrepreneurial endeavours. In fact your knowledge of how your finances can easily go haywire could be seen as the perfect basis from which to [...]

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Time to say Good Bye…..

..... to your ACCOUNTANT!!!! Your accountant, should be a valued advisor, not just someone who bills you once a year and sends you a copy of your accounts. The right accountant should be a key component in the growth and success of your business. Unfortunately many businesses don’t think about their accountant in this way, [...]

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