5 Reasons to Move on From Excel

Excel is a great tool for business, however, it’s not always the best choice for business bookkeeping. Courtesy of Savvy Bookkeeping, here are 5 reasons that it might be time to move on from Excel: 1. Doubling-up of transactions In Excel you don’t get a warning if you try to enter the same bill number [...]

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Cash is King

As a small business owner or start-up you are always being told "cash is King", which might well be true but when you are struggling to get your invoices paid and pay your own bills it's not what you want to hear. To help you get into some good cash flow habits we've pulled together [...]

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Abacus Accountancy will take care of your numbers

When you work for yourself or run a small business, every penny is important and keeping on top of where they are all coming from or going to is a job in itself. Give yourself a break and pass on all these jobs to us, you didn’t start-up your business to be a number cruncher, [...]

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Calculating Work from Home Expenses

The number of people in the UK who are self employed and working from home is at an all time high, but many people are paying more in tax than they should, purely because they are unclear on calculating work from home expenses. In this article we aim to try and make things a little [...]

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Business Entertainment – What can you claim?

Business entertainment can cover various situations, lunch for clients, a party for the staff or perhaps a cheeky bottle of wine as a gift, but identify which of these can be claimed as a legitimate expense leaves many people scratching their heads!! Easiest of all to clarify is this - HMRC only allow business entertainment [...]

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Cash Flow – Cash is always King

For any business owners, big or small, cash is key to the growth and success of any business. In the short term, businesses can fail because they don’t have enough money to pay their bills; however in the long term it’s because they aren’t making enough profit. In order to make sure your firm doesn’t [...]

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Auto Enrolment – are you ready?

Auto Enrolment is the biggest change to workplace pensions for generations, it's difficult to ignore but many employers are!!!! leaving themselves open to unnecessary fines and penalties - don't be one of them. We've put together some info here to give you an understanding of the process and your responsibilities as an employer. Getting your [...]

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Small Business – Impact of Brexit Vote

Small Business and the Impact of the Brexit Vote - "Opportunity or disaster?" Is what many business owners are asking themselves. At this point in the process it's difficult for most small business owners and start-ups to assess what impact the Brexit vote will have on them, even more difficult to project whether it is [...]

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“To Do List” ruining your weekend?

You’ve got that Friday feeling, but there’s one thing putting a damper on the weekends plans. Mondays “To Do List”, is pretty much same as it was on Monday morning, you’ve not managed to cross off too many tasks!!!! The main reason for this is that you have been running your business, like most small [...]

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