New Financial Year, New Accountant?

The new financial year is on its way, but do you know to the penny how much your Accountant is going to charge you this year? No? Perhaps you need a new accountant. Can you call your Accountant at any time, just to ask a question or get a second opinion on a business decision? [...]

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Spring Forward

Spring is thought of as a time of renewal, winter is over, we feel energized and ready to reinvent ourselves and start that business we've always talked of. We can of course do this at any time of the year, but it just feels better when the sun is shining, the bulbs are blooming and [...]

Small Business – Are you ready to Start-Up?

When you start-up a small business you will be bombarded with advice on how to be the best, make the most, kill the competition – not all of it is true and at best can present a skewed version of the facts. To help sift through the myths, we’ve detailed our top 10 to help [...]

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Budget 2016 at a glance

Budget 2016 at a glance and what it means to you, as a small business owner, tax payer or property owner. The main points of the budget: Corporations, SME's and Entrepreneurs, budget If you do business or trade in the UK, then you must pay tax here. During Budget 2016 the chancellor announced that to [...]

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Business plan? Rip it up and start again!!

Starting your business? Do you have a business plan? Well scrap it, rip it up and put it in the bin!!! Don’t write a business plan instead build a business model, then go and test, review and adapt it until it works You can do this in four easy steps. Determine what success is. Work [...]

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Accountants – our business is to know yours

Do you know to the penny how much your Accountant is going to charge you this year? Can you call your Accountant at any time, just to ask a question or get a second opinion on a business decision? Is your Accountant working with you to grow your business? Does your Accountant know how your [...]

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Start-up without breaking the bank…….

Start up businesses can often take more capital to get up and running than you expect, but there are areas where you can save a few pounds. It is possible to start-up on a tight budget, you just need a few money saving tricks to help you do it. So here are a few tips [...]

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Grow Your Business With Social Retailing

Online Business via social media Social media is the way forward. in the last few years I have seen businesses using social media to promote their business or people working online through social media by doing social retailing. What is social retailing? Social Retailing is sweeping across the world, it combines the Internet's two most [...]

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#AskAbacus – Limited or Sole-Trader? Sole-trader, Limited Company or self employed, making this decision is likely to be one of the first tasks you will have when starting up your business. Here are the questions we are asked most often by new businesses: How are sole-traders and limited companies taxed? If you are self employed, your business profits and [...]

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How Branding Will Help You Become A Better Leader

How you can become a better leader and increase your team’s performance with a compelling, authentic brand strategy. Business owners: have you ever faced a decline in sales or stagnating profits, and wondered what to do to fix it? Have you realised that you have an uninspired team going about their work in a lacklustre [...]

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