keep the records straight

For legal reasons you have to keep records for your business and for any other income you get, so you can fill in your tax return and show that the figures are right. You'll need to keep at least: invoices for sales and purchases receipts for business expenses bank records. Good records will keep the [...]

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We’re not afraid to say it…We love the cloud!!!

At Abacus Accountancy, we love the cloud, we do - it's true. We are evangelical about it. We're saving our clients a lot of time and money by ensuring they too see the benefits and embrace cloud based packages like Xero, Receipt Bank and Crunch Boards. if you're not looking at how the cloud can [...]

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How will you tackle the obstacles?

Every entrepreneur and business owner will come up against obstacles during their journey to set up a successful business, but it is how people cope with these obstacles that sets them and their business apart from the competition. There is nothing more empowering than running your own business but when encountering a rough patch, there [...]

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Sole Trader or Self-employed, is there a difference?

What is the definition of a Sole Trader and being Self-Employed? If you are self-employed then this means you work for yourself, and not for an employer. A sole-trader is a self-employed person, but they are the sole owner of their business. The sole trader route is the most popular way of running a business [...]

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Accountant vs Bookkeeper

Many people, and businesses for that matter, get confused over what the terms “bookkeeper” and “accountant” mean, often getting confused by the two or believing there is no difference between them. However, there are a number of differences in the role of each one and confusion as to what they do could cause problems for [...]

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Do you know the laws?

When starting a new business for the first time it is difficult to grasp the wide range of laws you will be trading under and what is required legally from you as an employer. Clive Lewis FCA, head of enterprise at ICAEW ( Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), explains both the business [...]

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How do you measure your….. success. Measuring business success doesn't have to be all about the money. Gary Turner, managing director of Xero, explores other metrics you could be looking at. As a small business owner, take some time to reflect on the year and ask yourself some important questions: Did the business grow and is it thriving? Are [...]

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Don’t overlook these on-line trends

Research from Company’s House shows that 2015 will be the biggest year ever for new company registrations as start-ups play an increasingly big role in the UK economy. There are many reasons why this entrepreneurial tide has been unleashed, but the biggest factor by far has been the development of new technologies that are empowering [...]

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A good source of help and advice

Often government help is overlooked by new and small businesses and there really is a lot of assistance out there. So other than turning to your accountant for advice what other help can you source? Clive Lewis FCA, head of enterprise at gives his advice on the more likely sources of government assistance for [...]

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Choosing what to change

So now that you have made that decision that change is necessary in your business in order for it to grow, where do you start? "The Cloud" is our answer, cloud based accountancy it is the best change you will ever make and will allow you to take control of your numbers and growth. Many [...]

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