Does your business need a mentor to give a helping hand?

James Caan, founder/CEO of Hamilton and former BBC Dragons Den investor says "My father was my mentor – without him, I’m not sure I’d have made it." So, is it essential to have a mentor? Here James advises how you can find one and what help you should expect? The practical advice and guidance [...]

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Smells like team spirit

Business teams are a fact of business life. Some of those teams are great, while others aren’t. But what sets apart a great team from a not so great team. Business teams are business teams. Forget the sports analogies. For business teams, every day is game day. Roles can often shift. So when you read [...]

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Don’t be afraid….

....but here is the truth!!! Most people would love to run their own businesses. There’s the security of knowing you’re in charge and get to direct your own destiny — and then a lot of people love the idea of being able to take a holiday whenever it suits them. Of course, at the end [...]

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Rip it up and start again!!

Starting your business? Do you have a business plan? Well scrap it, rip it up and put it in the bin!!! Don’t write a business plan instead build a business model, then go and test, review and adapt it until it works You can do this in four easy steps 1. Determine what success is. [...]

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Money, money, money

One of the main stumbling points or hurdles that small business owners face at the start up start-up and launch stages are cashflow. Worrying about how you are going to fund that initial step before your business takes off can sometimes stop you going further. Tim Duffy, co-founder of MeetingZone (, details how he dealt [...]

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Time for your business health check

We are well into the second half of the year, time enough to review your business, reflect on your position so far and make changes to stay on track for the last few months. Everyone makes resolutions in January: eat healthier, go to the gym, give up chocolate/wine (no we don't really mean it!!!), so [...]

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Has Social Media killed the Cold Call ?

Is telemarketing dead? Nobody likes receiving cold calls, sales calls, whatever you choose to call them - making these calls can, for some business owners, be even less of a wanted task. But could it be that these calls are now defunct thanks to social media? If you are in the market for a service [...]

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How to be heard

You know you can provide the service or product a certain potential client needs, you know who in their office to direct your proposal to, but the problem is you may only have one chance to make the impact you need and you're worried that your introductory e-mail may not even be read!!! Apryl Beverly [...]

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Too old to start up?

Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg all made a big impact in their early years and brought us the Hollywood stereotype of the young computer nerd that has evolved into geek chic and the impression that all entrepreneurs are under the age of 25. But is this really a true picture? No....Arianna Huffington started [...]

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Blitz that book shelf

It's a common trait of most small business owners and entrepreneurs, the pile of business advice and self-help books either piled on your bedside table or waiting to be read on your kindle/ipad, it's an addiction!!!! but one that does tend to pay off. The only problem is how to prioritize your reading, is there [...]

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