Do I need an “office”?

More and more people are choosing to work from home and run a "virtual business", but this often raises some questions. Do I really need an office to run my business? How can I manage my business effectively without an office? There are four main perceived “benefits” of having an office. You need to make [...]

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Top 10 Myths about Small Business Start-up

When you start-up a small business you will be bombarded with advice on how to be the best, make the most, kill the competition – not all of it is true and at best can present a skewed version of the facts. To help sift through the myths, we’ve detailed our top 10 to help [...]

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Why you need Abacus Accountancy

When you work for yourself every penny is important and keeping on top of where they are all coming from or going to is a job in itself. Give yourself a break and pass on all these jobs to us, you didn't start-up your business to be a number cruncher, but we did. Here are [...]

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