SEO for your salon!

Always wanted your salon to be at the top of Google but had no idea how to get it there? Read on to find out more about SEO and getting noticed... What is SEO?  So this is something we feel is probably worth explaining, what is SEO? What does it do, how does it help [...]

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Saving you time…

We understand that time is of complete value to you. As a salon owner, there is never enough time in the day to fit in that last set of nails or able to squeeze in one last haircut. Sometimes you can get completely stressed when trying to fit a million and one things into one [...]

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We’re finalists… Again!

Once again, Abacus are suiting up and heading out to another black tie event! We are finalists in the ‘Environmental Awareness’ category for the Colchester business awards. Being eco-friendly is really important to us here at Abacus and we use some great online systems that means we have adapted to becoming a paperless office. Our [...]

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Growth for your business in 2015!

A great way of successfully growing your business is having an excellent team behind you. However if you do not have the resources to back you, how are you ever going to gear your business up for massive growth in 2015? Do your current team need more resources to be able to achieve this or [...]

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Tax Codes

Tax codes- What they mean and what to do if you think yours is wrong HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) may send you a PAYE Coding Notice before the beginning of a tax year. They will send you one if your tax code changes during a tax year. It tells you what your tax code [...]

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Networking, cheese and lots of wine!

Thursday 13th November saw the second Cheese & Wine evening hosted at our office. There was a great turn out once again, with all tickets selling out! Again, the event was not only for cheese, wine and networking, but also in aid of Action Medical Research charity. When we decided to host another cheese and [...]

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SEO in your business

As a business owner, it’s important you understand that ranking highly in search engines is vital for your website. In fact, it could be your golden ticket to immense profits. But how? The answer is search engine optimisation. Read Xero's blog to find out more... How SEO improves your website's visibility SEO is the process of [...]

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Debt- 10 ways to avoid it

Read Xero’s small business guide Here are some ways to help you manage debtors effectively and avoid debt, so that they don't have a negative impact on your business and its finances. Check out potential clients before you work for them Do they have payment-related court judgements against them? These are often listed in the [...]

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Cash flow- how to keep on top of it

For any business owners, big or small, cash is key to the growth and success of any business. In the short term, businesses can fail because they don’t have enough money to pay their bills; however in the long term it’s because they aren’t making enough profit. In order to make sure your firm doesn’t [...]

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Xero U and unlimited support

Xero U is the new education hub for all information, questions and queries for small businesses, accountants and book keepers. It is the main source for all of your training when starting out with Xero. On the main homepage, you can click on the page that refers to you, for example, if you are using [...]

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