Essex Wine School- Neil Bull

Here at Abacus, we are always looking at new ways to network and meet more local businesses in the area. This is why we have now started our ‘Cheese & Wine’ evenings that are due to happen roughly every 2-3 months. When planning the event, we knew we needed somebody with expertise in the field [...]

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Our favourite charity!

Here at Abacus, we are always looking at ways to give back to the community and those less fortunate than ourselves, and what better way to do this than giving to our favourite charity? As you may remember, back in July Paul cycled from London to Paris in aid of Action Medical Research. Paul raised [...]

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Networking- how can it help your business?

Networking - how it can help you and your business? Here at Abacus, we pride ourselves in keeping in contact with our current clients, but also in developing relationships with new potential clients. Networking events are a great way to meet new people face to face and, over time, these contacts may just become key [...]

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Xero Case Study –

  Case Study- Graham Smith    Last week, Abacus were invited into the channelcentral offices, to find out exactly what it is about Xero, and us, that they love. Channelcentral is a Cloud-Based IT solutions company, which also embraces cloud-based technology for its own internal systems, and when we told them about Xero, they [...]

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Cheese and Wine Evening- take two!

After the great success and high demand from our first Cheese and Wine evening, Abacus have decided to host another! The evening will take place at their office on Thursday 13th of November, starting at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to informally network with other businesses and individuals and to also taste fine wines [...]

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HMRC- Late paper returns warning

So it’s that time of year again! Paper tax returns are due by 31st October, and online returns are due by the end of January. HMRC have said that any returns that are received after the deadline will receive a £100 penalty. There are also further penalties after this as well, at 3 months, 6 [...]

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Accounting tips for start ups… Xero Blog

Starting a business, but have some nagging accounts questions you need answering? Have a look at Xero’s latest Question and Answer blog… Q: How do you use software to understand the financial health of your business? We changed from Excel to cloud software so we could see the latest figures and take advantage of the benefits of [...]

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Number crunching in business

Whatever type of business you run, success depends on numbers. Revenue, expenses, overheads, inventory, sales figures, profit – all of these numbers are important. But sometimes it can be hard to put them into context. As Chris Myers, CEO of BodeTree explains, small business owners often have to focus on day-to-day operations, making it hard to [...]

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Environmentally Friendly- a beginners guide

Being environmentally friendly is really important to us here at Abacus. We have recently become an award-winning practise for being environmentally aware and we want to share with you some of our top tips for being an eco-warrior! ‘Ecover’ products We use some great environmentally friendly products throughout the office. These include hand wash, washing [...]

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HMRC Emails Beware!

Recently, we have been contacted by a few of our clients, claiming to have received information from HMRC via email. HMRC have said they ‘will never send notifications of a tax rebate by email, or ask you to disclose personal or payment information by email’. Some of these emails claim that you are entitled to [...]

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